Welcome To Hazarduari Palace Museum

Introduction :  

The Hazarduari Palace situated in a small historically important town Lalbagh, comes under the jurisdiction of the Lalbagh Sub-division of the District Murshidabad (23°43' and 24°52' NL; 87°49' and 88°45' EL), West Bengal. Murshidabad was the last Mohammadan capital in the Mughal Province of Bengal-Bihar-Orissa before Gaur in District Malda (remained capital until 1608 AD) and Dacca in present Bangladesh (apparently up to 1703-04 AD). This momentous town shoulders the banner of rich cultural heritage in the form of edifices, precious national assets and art treasures. Among the edifices, Hazarduari Palace is still standing defying nature and time, which has eventually been modified into a museum.