Armoury Wing B

It is an extension of Armoury Wing A, the exhibits are mostly pistols and guns, stick gun, sentry gun, bullets, pistol cleaning stick, inscribed sword, revolver including miniature ones, cannon, rhino shield, axe, spear, lance, spiral dagger, razor, decorated jamadhara, gun oil and gun powder container, chopper, musket, Arabian Sword with Arabic inscription, Indo-Persian Sword, Roman Sword, silver coated kharpos, inscribed helmet bearing Quran verses with iron jacket and so on and so forth. The fascinating objects being the helmet with hanging iron made having floral designs. On the top of the helmet, one spear and two horns on both sides are fixed. The forehead is highlighted with one forehead gear and two kalgi. It contains a verse from Quran read as "QUL-HO-ALLAH-HO-AHAD" (Bar-Aslah). The right side wall of this gallery is decked with water colour paintings on paper illustrating the battle scenes of Europe.