Painting Gallery

This gallery reveals some of the beautiful oil paintings in the collection of palace like "The Holly Family" painted by Renardy, an enchanting and lively presentation of "Bacchus and Ariadne" showing the Greek God of Wine trying to induce Greek deity Ariadne and "Cavaliers of Venice" by Marchatti, "The Marquis of Spinola" by Van Dyck, Dying Scene of Cleopatra and Cinderella, a cottage girl by T. Young, portrait of Colonel McLeod Duncan by Hutchinson, painting captioned with "Saint Marry" by Gonzaga, gives three dimensional effects, cupid bending bow and arrow and cupid with bow and arrow by Reni represent a French Dry Painting etc. A needle work on carpet known as Gobelins Tapestry is portraying seated Queen Victoria along with 2 babies, holding the young princes with her right arm, while the infant prince (probably Prince of Wales) sleeping on her lap.