Central Landing also labeled as Main Hall

Painting having great historical importance attracts visitors in this gallery. Among these, mention may be made of a huge oil painting on canvas portraying Col. McLeod Duncan, the architect of the Hazarduari Palace consulting with Nawab Nazim Humayun Jah who is seated on a throne under a State Parasol in Durbar before the Courtiers and British Officers. An inscribed letter read as naksha-e mahal-pesh-e-kartit-Nawab-Nazim Humayun jah syed murbaraqali khan bahadar date12-mutilated is placed before them on a table. To the left of the Nawab, a young prince is shown sitting on another throne, attending by a Chamer Bearer, the Prince appears to be Feradun Jah, the only son of Humayun Jah who succeeded his father in 1838 AD at the age of only nine year and was the last person of the family enjoying the title of Nawab Nazim of Bengal.