Committee Room

To the left Durbar Hall is the Committee Room that adorned with precious bits and pieces of the Nawabs. On its southern side, the Royal Silver Throne is placed on a silver platform standing on seated lions on the four corners. The throne is roofed by a canopy decorated with silver Jari work. On its back wall-top a large oil painting on canvas, a work of Lewis portraying Nawab Nazim Feradun Jah in the company of high administrative personnel, can be seen. Interestingly, all the court painters tried to show the royal gathering of the Nawabs and the English in most of the canvas to highlight the liaison between them. Apart from this, the beautifully decorated ivory plated wooden sofa with floral decoration on its back rest and log shaped arm rest on both sides justify mentioning. The glass candle stands, chandeliers, delightfully framed mirrors and some oil paintings of the Nawabs are the distinguished objects of this gallery.