Religious object Gallery

Unique in its concept this gallery has been organized with the objective to display the items used during various religious observances of the Nawab of Murshidabad. Most of the displayed objects were used in the religious purposes of Muharram and Id and some were house hold objects. Important exhibits include a silver helmet dated AH 1254 of Nawab Nazim Feradun Jah, silver waist belt and a silver tea set of Sir Wasif Ali Meerza, decorated religious banner with Arabic inscription from Quran verses, pankha with silver handle inscribed with Sarkar-e-Lutfunnissa-Begum, Sarkar-Nawab-Ali-Qdr-Bahadar, decorated lid written as Sarkar-Asif-Qdr-Bahadar-Haider-i-alam with the Arabic inscription "Bismilla", five zamana-alams and mahi in silver during the period of Nawab Nazim faradun Jah, silver panja inscribed with Ali, Yah Allah, names of Hassan and hussain, silver chob (lion mask) and two-zamana-alams and silver soutan inscribed with the name of nawab Nazim Humayun Jah. Two large mirrors on either walls further supplemented the grandeur of the gallery.