A plethora of objects are displayed in this gallery among which some oil paintings like 'Flora' after Titian, "Katrine" painted by Wolf and Cinderella by T. Young deserve special mention. The Painting captioned as 'Flora' unfolding the bust of a European lady with open hair, wearing a transparent gown, looking downward, holding a strip of her costume around her body with both the hands, the canvas titled as "Katrine" showing a voluptuous bust of a European lady and Cinderella a cottage girl depicts peeling off turnips are also spectacular. A beautiful marble statue of a standing European lady is marvellous. The Black and white photograph of receiving of Lord Carzon, at the Hazarduary Palace dated 1902 AD also come across on the top of the southern wall.The palace also has a library containing more than three thousand significant manuscripts in Arabic, Persian and Urdu and six thousand books in English and Oriental languages,. The documents in the Record Room speak further of the entire Nizamat affairs with various royal orders (Farman). Proclamations, deeds, royal letters, and other testimonials.